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Figuring Out My New Life

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The journey to Clearing the Chaos started with my own unfortunate situation.

Here I was six months into my life in Dubai and needed an extremely important document notarized. No one I asked knew how to do it and Google wasn’t giving me what I needed. As the deadline to have the document quickly approached, I became more and more anxious. ‘What in the hell was I going to do?’, I often wondered to myself.

The document was for a court case and was the only way my voice would be heard since I couldn’t appear in person. I never could figure it out. I hadn’t asked the right person. I knew the someone knew but I never found that someone. The submission deadline came and went and I lost…big time. I berated myself over and over again on how I could be so clueless. Like really, why couldn’t I figure this thing out. It took me some time to move pass that loss; the effects that I still feel today.

Once I was able to pull myself somewhat together, I held a private “come to Jesus” meeting. Never again would I experience such pain at the hand of my ignorance. This wasn’t America and if I was going to stay, I needed to start figuring my new life out.

Perhaps one day, I will share publicly the impact of that simple task that went undone had on the course of my life. I can say for certain that had things gone differently, I wouldn’t have been in Dubai for six years.


P.S. Start here if you need an US document notarized in the UAE. (NOTE: They don’t notarize certain documents. Other sites have popped up over the years but the way my suspicion is set up, I rather not use them.)