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In 2012-13, I was at a point where things in my life just weren’t working. And frankly, I didn't know how to fix them. I had what others saw as great success on the outside but internally, I was drowning. I felt like a public success but private failure. I wanted something different, to be somewhere different. Unfortunately, those didn't seem like options the way my life was currently setup.

After learning that a friend was moving to Abu Dhabi with his family, I decided to check into living there as well. In just two short months, I applied, interviewed, and moved to Dubai. It was truly a stressful but fulfilling experience.

In the end, “my why” was about finding, refining, and redefining the life I wanted.


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My goal is to provide you with the information you need to secure the position you want, to navigate the expat process without losing your sanity, and clarifying how to setup your new life in Dubai as seamless as possible. After arrival, you will quickly learn that “you’re not in Kansas anymore.”

I achieve “my goal'“ by sharing information in multiple ways to ensure it's readily available when you need it. In addition to this site, Clearing the Chaos has an online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I also provide information through weekly emails, face-to-face events, and a monthly blog (launching August 2019).



While I initially planned to move to Abu Dhabi, I was recruited as a secondary mathematics teacher and joined a private, premium school in Dubai. Since I was hired outside of the normal "international recruiting season", I literally had to hit the ground running. I arrived near midnight on that Sunday evening, reported to school a few hours later on Monday morning, and had six full classes staring me in the eyes on Tuesday. There was very little time to adjust or figure out what I was going on. Factor in the jet lag and I don't know how I made it.

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As an international educator, I’ve used my joys and frustrations to help other educators secure positions as well as navigate the expatriation process. I firmly believe that understanding and being able to navigate systems (or lack thereof) is essential to enjoying all of the benefits Dubai has to offer.

I currently serve as the Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator at an American curriculum school in the northern section of Dubai. In addition to my tribe of colleagues, friends, and sorors, I’m blessed to be here with my husband and daughter.