BEFORE YOU BOOK, LEt’s assess.

Thanks for your interest in an 1:1 private session. Before booking your session, kindly complete the pre-session assessment using the button below. This assessment will provide essential data (and you know how much we love data as educators) needed to prepare for your session, ensure that our time together is productive, and that your session goals are attained. You will receive additional correspondence on next steps after the assessment is reviewed.

Feedback Session.png

Feedback session

Feedback Sessions are scheduled in 30-minute intervals. This is an add-on service that compliments another services (CV Audit, Contract Review, etc.) completed.

Schedule this service when you prefer feedback directly versus the included electronic means (email/video recording).

Private Consultation.png

Private consultation

Private Consultations are open-ended sessions on your preferred topic(s). These consultations are scheduled in 45-minute intervals.