Hi and welcome to my site. I am very glad you’re here. I am Crystal M. Ashibe, an international educator, living and working in Dubai since September 2013. If you're an educator eager to begin your life in Dubai, then Clearing the Chaos is the right place to start. I call it chaos because until you are clear about the systems and processes we have and don't have here, it can be just that - chaotic, confusing, and downright frustrating.

My goal is to go beyond the glitz and the glam of life in Dubai and give you the information you need to secure a position, prepare for your transition then adjust to life in Dubai. As our grannies and aunties used to tell us, "living with you ain't like coming to see you," trust me, living in Dubai is a different world from where you come from.

Are you ready for this journey? Great, let’s clear this chaos.



Find out more about me and what drives my passion with Clearing the Chaos.

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Let me help you secure a position, prepare for the transition then adjust to life in Dubai.

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